What It’s Like to Work for America’s Biggest Motorcycle Brand

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Kanwal Singh started his career in Technology Risk Services with Protiviti Milwaukee in 2003. In 2007, he joined the Harley-Davidson Motor Company headquarters where he has held several IT audit roles and is now the SAP Application Maintenance and Support Manager. Aside from spending time with his wife and two kids, he also enjoys working out, riding his motorcycle, reading books, watching the Packers and teaching Indian folk dance (Bhangra) to his kids. Connect with Kanwal on LinkedIn.

Kanwal-Singh-Harley DavidsonOn launching a career with Protiviti:

I got to know critical processes for companies in various industries very quickly. I became knowledgeable of key financial, operational, compliance, IT and project management processes within a couple of years, whereas it might have taken me 10+ years to gain similar knowledge in corporate. It really helped jumpstart my career.

On the best part of his job:

My group consists of very talented and hardworking individuals that are dedicated in ensuring that critical system issues are resolved quickly to limit business impact. Many times that means working around the clock, including weekends and holidays. The most satisfying aspect of my job is ensuring that my group has the right processes and tools and removing any roadblocks that could prevent them from doing their job efficiently and effectively.

On transitioning from a doer into a leader:

A lot of my experience from Protiviti and my early days at Harley-Davidson were all about mastering execution. I was really good at delivering projects on deadline, exceeding quality and timeline targets. Learning how to leverage my team versus doing it by myself was an unexpected change on how to deliver results.

On what makes a good leader:

From my perspective, the best quality is self-awareness, communication and a passion for work. Being self-aware helps you know your strengths and weaknesses and influences your behavior during tough situations. Communication helps you clearly articulate opportunities, challenges and ideas. Your passion for work helps you motivate your team to deliver great results.

On advice to his younger self:

Really focus on your communication skills! Being able to clearly articulate yourself and your ideas. Listening to the perspectives of others and being able to comfortably speak in front of people will set you up for success.

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