Up in the Air: An Alumnus Shares His Career Move from Protiviti to JetBlue Airways

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Nick Dyslin first joined Protiviti Dallas as an Intern and after graduating from the University of Notre Dame, he returned as a Technology Consultant. After leaving Protiviti, Nick moved to New York City to join JetBlue Airways, where he is enjoying the wonderful experience of flying standby. In New York, Nick has enjoyed eating dollar slices of pizza, watching the Mets, Jets, and Islanders, and having his personal space invaded by total strangers. In five years, Nick sees himself as the owner and CEO of a major airline. Connect with Nick on LinkedIn.

Nick-DyslinWhat was it like to join Protiviti as an Intern?

I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. I had just finished my junior year in college and had no idea what consulting was, except that I could do it with my educational background. Once I moved onto actual projects, I got really good hands-on experience and learned a lot in a relatively short time frame. I got thrown into the fire, but I felt like I really got something out of the internship. So when I came back full-time, I was able to pick up where I left off and there wasn’t much of a learning curve. They trusted me right off the bat and I was given responsibilities right when I started.

How did you decide that JetBlue was a good fit?

Working at Protiviti, I got a broad perspective of multiple industries and management styles. It was really great to have that background to understand where I would fit best. I was excited to discover that JetBlue had really strong ideals and would be a good fit for me.

What?s your day-to-day like at JetBlue?

Day-to-day here is interesting, it’s very different from what most people experience. Some days I have meetings with audit entities and various business owners. Other days I am executing, testing, and writing up audit reports. There’s also days where we bring in partner airlines and host events with hula dancers, ukulele music and snacks.

Working in the aviation industry for a smaller airline, I get an interesting perspective into the day-to-day operations. Even though we have our daily?responsibilities, the airline’s operations are the top priority. So sometimes we drop our normal activities to pitch in. There have been times when I need to go to JFK airport to help with overflow customers and it’s really similar to client services where you’re trying to keep the client happy. I like this aspect because it makes my role more 3-dimensional. I also get to see the daily operations of the company at work and gain deeper insight into what it really takes to run an airline.

What made you gravitate towards IT?

Being in IT is interesting because it changes so much. It’s always evolving, so it’s never repetitive or stale. It makes you stay on your toes because there’s always something new coming out. It’s rewarding to learn something new every day.

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