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Earlier this year, we asked our people to share a glimpse of the world through their lens. The response we received was overwhelming. So, as part of our new brand identity that launched last month, we have been highlighting these amazing shots throughout our new website and brand materials. Below are only three of many inspiring photos we’ve received, so be sure to explore the new to spot more of our employee-taken photos!

“Target Your Efforts” by Richard McDonald, Protiviti Waterloo, Canada

Target your efforts - Submitted by Richard McDonald



“I prefer candid moments to posed compositions. As a ​​​result, I often find myself wading into a cold mountain stream before sunrise, or under a liberal coating of sunscreen beneath the midday intensity of the desert sun, or lying in long grass with an insect or flower an inch from my lens. Whatever the setting, that’s where I need to be, because that’s where the shot is!”



“Streets of Toulouse” by Julia Berchtold, Protiviti San Francisco, U.S.




“If there ever was proof that Protiviti hires creative, engaged individuals, this is it! I think it also reminds us that we all have a lens, but we don’t have to use it the same way. It’s a reminder, whether we’re walking to work or walking along the Seine, to try and look at the world in a new way. Take a moment and glance behind you, make eye contact with a stranger, search for a reflection in a puddle, or wake up a few minutes earlier and watch the sun rise.​”



“Endless Celebration” by Hirunda Kanaharaarachchi, Protiviti Canberra, Australia




“Capturing portraits of everyday people is something​ I really love. I usually take lots of photos of people whenever I travel. My friends are not very happy with it since I don’t take many pictures of the landscape and surroundings. I love capturing raw candid emotions of people. You can really tell a story just by looking through their eyes.​”


Explore the new to see more employee-taken photos and visit the Protiviti Perspective page to read the stories behind them. 

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