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Susan Haseley, Protiviti’s newest addition to the Executive Team, partnered with San Francisco Managing Director Susan Alexander during a recent visit to San Francisco for a day-long event focusing on the unique challenges faced by women in today’s workforce.

Susan Alexander and Susan Haseley

Susan Haseley (left) and Susan Alexander (right)

The day kicked off with an informal Q&A with Susan Haseley moderated by Susan Alexander:

Susan A.: What are your work and personal goals for 2017? How do you go about deciding what to focus on?

Susan H.: I get bored easily so I enjoy the variety of work and challenges that the consulting profession offers. It’s also tough because there is so much going on. It’s definitely a challenge. But family always comes first. I make it a priority to always be home for dinner with my family. I also include my 14-year old daughter in office activities – everyone in Dallas knows her; she’s been to multiple office activities, so she sees the energy of the office and it helps her understand why her mom works so hard – because she loves what she does.

Susan A.: I’d like to ask about your role as the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiative lead. Can you tell us about that initiative, your role, and what it means for us here today?

Susan H.: The role began with a focus on women’s initiatives and grew into the much bigger Diversity & Inclusion initiative. It was a lot to take on, and daunting on first. In fact, I didn’t think I could take on championing what was initially just the women’s initiative because I was so busy. But I’m glad I did and glad it evolved into the bigger D&I role it is today. I am pleased at the support for D&I at the Executive Team level – that’s always been important at the highest levels of Protiviti, and that means a lot to me.

Susan A.: What are you seeing in your D&I lead role in other markets that you’d like to share with us here? Anything we can be doing too?

Susan H.: It’s important for each office to put their unique footprint on D&I and not be too prescriptive.

From left to right: Susan Alexander (Protiviti), Kim Bollin (Salesforce), Susan Haseley (Protiviti), Tiffany Gantus (Restoration Hardware), Rachel Bell (Virgin America)


Later in the day, the group reconvened across town for a Women in Leadership Panel for a more formal discussion on gender equality in the workplace, the keys to professional success and achieving work-life balance.

In addition to Susan Haseley and Susan Alexander, the panel included Kim Bolling, Vice President of Internal Audit at Salesforce; Tiffany Gantus, Vice President of Internal Audit, Loss Prevention & Compliance Restoration at Restoration Hardware; and our very own Protiviti alumna Rachel Bell, Vice President & Controller at Virgin America.


Some highlights from the panel included:




























After the panel wrapped up, the group enjoyed some free time to network and talk through the points of the day.

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