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In case you missed it, here are a few of our favorite quotes from alumni who launched their careers as Protiviti interns:

“I interned the summer of 2011 before my senior year of college and I loved it immediately. The people I met were amazing and I was also able to work on a few really interesting clients. I was surprised that I was doing actual deliverable work for clients. So when they offered me a job after graduation, I accepted it on the spot. When I went back full-time, it was a very welcoming return. It was comfortable, the people were great and I had no hesitations about accepting.” Read more. 

Melissa Kahlke

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“I went to a Challenge School almost every year that I worked for Protiviti and every time was so much fun. Whether you’re teaching or attending, it’s an invaluable experience. As a teacher, you build a network and get to see the next generation coming right from college. It grounds you because you can see how far you’ve come – you were once in their shoes. It’s also cool to meet people from all over the world, from different backgrounds, with different degrees and even speaking different languages. It’s a great reminder of how large and diverse Protiviti is, even if you’re part of one of the smallest offices in the country.” Read more.

Mindy Baer

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“I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. I had just finished my junior year in college and had no idea what consulting was, except that I could do it with my educational background. Once I moved onto actual projects, I got really good hands-on experience and learned a lot in a relatively short time frame. I got thrown into the fire, but I felt like I really got something out of the internship. So when I came back full-time, I was able to pick up where I left off and there wasn’t much of a learning curve. They trusted me right off the bat and I was given responsibilities right when I started.” Read more.

Nick Dyslin

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