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Lisa Johnson

Senior Vice President – Finance at Captive Resources, LLC

Lisajohnson2Before joining Captive Resources, Lisa was an Associate Director with Protiviti’s Chicago office for over 11 years. Lisa is currently a member of Chicago’s Alumni Advisory Board.

While at Protiviti, she worked with Brad Rachmiel and Miron Marcotte to help develop the national spend risk and supply chain practice. She also helped develop orientation sessions and oversee mentoring and training programs.


“Lisa was an easy choice when looking for leaders for our alumni advisory board. She has always been a great mentor, coach, and leader to her colleagues. She is someone I’m always comfortable seeking advice from, especially to solve complex problems. She continues to stay active with our Protiviti family and is a great role model for our people. Having her on our advisory board is so important as she will continue to inspire all of us.”                                         – Brad Rachmiel, Protiviti Managing Director

If you were to meet yourself fresh out of college, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

Consider every piece of advice and suggestions from others.  Use it as an opportunity to learn, and as a tool to continue to improve, and expand your knowledge.  Some advice may not be relevant at the time given, but put it away and use it when needed.

Secondly, find a passion.  Whether it is part of your job or an interest outside of the office.  Bring it in and share it with others. 

What did you learn at Protiviti that that has contributed to your success today?

I remember early on in my career Miron said “Every day work as if you’re working yourself out of the job.  If you work yourself out of your job, you are developing others and you will give yourself more opportunities to grow.”   I continue to remind myself of Miron’s words and have shared them many times over.

I spent a lot of time developing and delivering training and mentoring programs in the early days of Protiviti.  When I went to Captive Resources, I helped put some of that training and development structure in place.  As a smaller and growing organization, Captive Resources had focused on hiring great people who could hit the ground running.  I was able to help bring some structure to the on-boarding and training process to allow those individuals to excel in that environment.  Protiviti had a great structure in place to develop their people and I was able to leverage that experience at Captive Resources.

When I left Protiviti, I made sure that the new organization I looked to join would provide the opportunity to continue to do the many things that I enjoyed about my time at Protiviti.  Training and mentoring were my passions and by continuing to conduct training both internally and externally at Captive Resources I have continued to feed that passion.   It is always gratifying to hear a business owner tell me after an orientation session that they appreciate that I can explain accounting to them in a way that they can use the information and make informed decisions.

What behavior or personality trait do you most attribute your success to and why?

Working smart, being accountable and learning from others.  I have always worked hard, but I also believe that you have to work smart.  I found that working smart and being accountable for my work product allowed me to take on opportunities outside of my day to day work.  It allowed me to pursue other career opportunities and also allowed me to find and pursue other passions.

I also feel that you can learn so much from others.  Whether feedback from supervisors and / or collaborating with your peers, there are always opportunities for growth in those conversations.  Make the time for those conversations and take the time to listen.  There are times that they may not apply at the moment, but revisiting at some point in the future may help solve a problem, expand your customer base, and / or develop a life long connection. 

What energizes you outside of work?

I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling and being outdoors gardening, biking, hiking, kayaking, and swimming.  I also enjoy staying connected to the kids’ school and contributing to our community and school programs through various groups and organizations.

Lisa is a graduate of North Central College in Naperville, Illinois and worked for Divine InterVentures and Arthur Andersen prior to joining Protiviti.

Lisa lives in Wheaton, Illinois with her husband Erik and children Jacob and Sophia.

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