January is National Mentorship Month

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Mentorship is kind of a big deal at Protiviti. So, in honor of National Mentorship Month, we’d like to share three of our favorite quotes from our alumni on the importance of learning and mentorship:

“I am really big on mentoring, both formally and informally. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a good, solid mentoring network both at my level and above my level. And I’ve tried to make it as diverse as possible because I like to get different viewpoints from different people. I have mentors who I work with on a daily basis, mentors who are academic professionals, and mentors who are peers of mine who have never held a nine-to-five, but have an interesting outlook on life. It’s not one person I can point to as my biggest influence, but instead a coalition of mentors.” – Nate Zelinske

“There are three things that come to mind [when I think about what impacted me most at Protiviti]: first, the connections and long-term relationships I developed, including two mentors who I still keep in touch with today. The culture at Protiviti really fostered building relationships at all levels.” – Brendan Healy

“Keep learning. Learn something from everybody you come into contact with, whether it be technical knowledge, relationship building, or business savvy – I think you can learn something from everyone.” – Megan DeFeo

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