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Jamie McAdoo joined Protiviti Chicago as a Consultant after graduating from Florida State University in 2005. Though she first joined the firm’s Internal Audit practice, she eventually transitioned to the Risk and Compliance team. In 2012, Jamie left Protiviti to build a Compliance department at Options Clearing Corporation (OCC). After successfully building the department, she returned to school to earn her MBA at Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management in 2015. After graduating in 2017, Jamie joined Genentech where she is now a Market Planning Manager. Connect with Jamie on LinkedIn.

How’d you get your start at Protiviti?

I ended up at Protiviti right out of undergrad. I wasn’t sure what industry I wanted to work in, but I liked the variety of projects, the ability to travel, the city, the people – everything that was being offered by Protiviti. I knew it was a good opportunity to get the breadth of experience I needed.

Jamie McAdooWhat were the biggest takeaways?

From a personal standpoint, I met some of my closest friends through Protiviti. It wasn’t something I was expecting to get out of work and compared to where I’ve worked since leaving the company, the bond among my Protiviti friends is stronger. We all now live in different places, so I’m always visiting my Protiviti friends across the country.

Professionally, through the breadth of experiences and opportunities I had, I was able to build basic business skills that have helped me to be successful in my career. I learned how to build relationships across all levels of people, from working with an Analyst on the details of an Excel file to presenting recommendations to an Executive Committee. I also am able to understand the big picture of a project which helps me to determine where it is necessary to dive deeper. These skills have been really valuable to me.

What’s your favorite Protiviti story?

When I first started, I had some internal audit projects that took me out of my comfort zone. For one of these, I audited a cement plant in the middle of nowhere Canada. I showed up on the first day in full business professional, including a skirt and heels. They looked at me, laughed, and handed me a hard hat and a pair of loaner steel toe boots. I never forgot to ask what the dress code was for clients after that.

What did you do after you left Protiviti?

In 2012, I went to a small financial clearinghouse called OCC to build their Compliance department as I wanted the opportunity to build a department from the ground up. I hired a team of five people, set up its processes and procedures, and integrated the department into the organization. It was challenging but worthwhile. Once I felt the department was established, I wanted to move on in my career. I knew Financial Services wasn’t an industry I wanted to remain in long-term, so I left in 2015 to pursue an MBA from Kellogg’s School of Management.

Protiviti GMAC teamWhat are you doing now?

I graduated from Kellogg this past June, moved to San Francisco, and am now a Market Planning Manager at Genentech. In my role, I work with cross-functional partners to provide qualitative and quantitative research as well as long-term forecasting for Genentech’s BioOncology therapies.

How did you decide to go into healthcare?

I went to business school to pivot my career, but I wasn’t sure in which direction. So, in my first quarter, I ended up going to every single industry event or lunch and learn to figure out what I liked and what I didn’t. Eventually, I realized that Healthcare was the perfect fit for me. It’s an industry in which the underlying mission of helping people motivates me and I can also use my experience in the highly regulated Financial Services industry to be able to handle Healthcare’s regulatory complexities and its multiple customer types – patients, providers, payers, etc.

How does your consulting background influence your role now?

My role is actually very similar to consulting in that I’m basically a strategy consultant for our brands. One of the most important ways of being successful in my role is to be able to align across multiple stakeholders on decisions and move those decisions forward. It’s influencing without authority, if you will.

From consulting, I also picked up the ability to quickly jump into a new project even if I didn’t have a background in it. Less than half of the interns got offers at Genentech, even those with backgrounds in biotech, and I think my ability to get up to speed quickly gave me an edge.

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