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Anna Littizzio worked as a Consultant at Protiviti Boston from 2008 to 2012. She is now a Sr. Auditor at Boston University where she is also earning her MBA. She loves spending free time with family and friends as well as trying out a variety of different restaurants and fitness classes. Connect with Anna on LinkedIn.

Anna Littizzio for Q&AOn her career start with Protiviti:

My training at Protiviti gave me a solid foundation to start my career and prepared me for adapting to different types of clients and work environments. I really liked the collaborative culture and the people I worked with in various cities.

On her biggest takeaways from her time at Protiviti:

People are your best resources. Try to determine the best solution, but if you have questions, don’t be afraid to consult your resources. You have a variety of backgrounds at Protiviti, so there’s always someone who has experience in an area. If I didn’t know something or had questions, I would reach out to someone with that expertise.

Be accessible. The mentorship program was also really useful. I try to be as accessible and available as possible when I’m managing interns because I remember how beneficial that was for me when I first started.

On auditing in higher education:

In higher education, we are very concerned about not only financial risks, but also reputational risks. We have hundreds of millions of dollars in research awards, so management and compliance is a priority.

Sometimes it can be challenging to get your client onboard if you’re in-house because they have don’t always request to be on the audit plan. On the flip side, when you’re in-house, you get to learn more about the dynamics of an organization as a whole.

On the perks of working for a university:

People take a lot of pride in the university. I like that BU encourages their staff and employees to continue to learn about whatever interests them and take courses to improve their skills and career. I also like the college environment. It’s always busy with interesting things happening.

On the dynamic environment of higher education:

I was surprised at how complex BU really is – it’s a huge operation! There are so many different colleges and departments, so there is always some new initiative or process to learn about.

On the challenges of working as an auditor:

Sometimes people feel anxiety when they hear “auditor.” I think it’s important to be approachable and emphasize that you’re recommending improvements to add value, not just telling them what to do.


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