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Melissa Kahlke interned with Protiviti in 2011 and joined full-time in 2012 as an Internal Auditor in Protiviti DC. She now works in risk management for MERSCORP, a national electronic registry system that tracks the changes in servicing rights in mortgage loans. Connect with Melissa on LinkedIn.melissa kahlke

On interning at Protiviti:

I interned the summer of 2011 before my senior year of college and I loved it immediately. The people I met were amazing and I was also able to work on a few really interesting clients. I was surprised that I was doing actual deliverable work for clients.

So when they offered me a job after graduation, I accepted it on the spot. When I went back full-time, it was a very welcoming return. It was comfortable, the people were great and I had no hesitations about accepting.


On Protiviti culture:

The best thing about Protiviti is the people and the culture. I’m still really still close with a lot of my old coworkers and see them from time to time. The culture at Protiviti is hard to beat.

On her new role:

Though I’m in industry now, I still work with controls and risks every day. The difference is now I am trying to figure out which risks are applicable to our company and specific processes. I’m now more on the preventative side, working out risk on the front-end.

I manage all communication between auditors and process leads. It’s very similar to what I did at Protiviti, except now I’m internal. But I can see both sides – I understand what auditors are looking for and why they’re looking for it.

On her typical day:

A typical day is still working in a team environment. I don’t go a day without talking to my team. I’m usually meeting with other departments and either going through their risks and controls or clearing something with them. So I’m getting a lot of exposure to various areas of my company.

On the challenges of risk management:

The biggest challenge for me is trying to get internal teams to understand the need for my role. I think that it’s similar to internal audit – some people don’t understand why the department is needed. So it’s trying to get people on board to understand we’re here to help and make sure the company is as risk-free as possible.

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