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 Alysha Perisho joined Protiviti, first in Los Angeles and later in Phoenix, as a Technology Risk Consultant after earning a Bachelor of Science from the University of Arizona in 2005. After three years at Protiviti, Alysha transitioned into IT sales as an Inside Account Executive at SAP. From 2010 to 2015, Alysha worked in cloud sales management at Amazon Web Services while earning a Master of Science in Information Management from the W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU. Since 2015, Alysha has been an Account Executive for the Google Cloud Platform at Google. In her free time, Alysha loves wake surfing, being outdoors and spending time with family and friends. Connect with Alysha on LinkedIn.

unnamed (4)What do you do as an Account Executive at Google Cloud Platform?

I’ve been at Google for two and a half years now. I’m responsible for helping companies with their cloud migration strategies, from organizations just starting to evaluate their cloud opportunities to more mature companies with strategies in place that are looking to adopt what Google has to offer.

What’s fun in my role is that I not only get to meet with customers as their trusted advisor, but I also work directly with product managers to provide feedback on our products, which are always evolving. And there’s no status quo. A good solution for one company one week isn’t the right solution for another company the next month because products are always changing. It’s fun being the middleman and helping Google grow and create the best products possible.

From starting your career at Protiviti to transitioning to IT sales at SAP and AWS, how has your background helped in your current role?

My experience at Protiviti really helped with my people skills and showed me how businesses are run from A to Z. I learned how IT organizations are run, who’s making the decisions and how data centers work. I left Protiviti to go to SAP because I was interested in going into the sales side.

After SAP, I moved back to Seattle to be closer to my family as well as live in a tech hub. I joined Amazon when it was very early in the cloud services. I loved it! I got to work with great clients from all industries and sizes, from startups to enterprises.

It’s been fun working in cloud sales management because you’re helping change the way businesses do business. You’re helping change their strategy.unnamed (6)

In the almost decade you’ve been working in cloud sales management, what changes have you seen in the space?

At the beginning, a lot of companies we engaged with were asking, “what is the cloud?” There were a lot of objections to change and the mindset just wasn’t there yet. Companies didn’t want to give up control and had questions about security.

Now, eight or nine years later, the conversation has flipped. Companies are moving to the cloud because of security and their trust in Google or Amazon. They understand we can run their infrastructure, so their IT organizations can focus on other aspects of business to help them grow. Every company today has now worked in the cloud in some capacity. It’s been neat to see. It’s really changed how companies operate.

If you look at an AirBnb, their time to market was nothing. Any idea can become more if you don’t have to worry about the sunk costs. That’s how all of these amazing startups have been so successful so fast, whereas that couldn’t have happened a few years ago before cloud.

What’s next for cloud?

unnamed (8)We’re in an exciting time because we’re getting to see how data can integrate with machine learning. We’re seeing companies that have been sitting on all this big data that are now entering this phase where they can actually do something with the data. And it’s not just predicting how many items they’ll need to order or whether more orders were placed in New York over California. It’s more advanced in predicting consumer behavior. Retail is already doing it because there’s such a big emphasis on personalization to stay competitive. Buyers are expecting a personalized experience, both online and off.

Machine learning is opening this new world for companies to operate in and it’s not just for larger companies. A company working in a basement could have the same access to cloud and machine learning tools as a Google. It’s such a unique and cool new wave that we’re in right now.



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