A Career Crossroads: Marc Shares the Big Turning Point in his Career, Thoughts on Mentorship and Building a Team

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Marc Doyle joined Protiviti Dallas in 2007 as a Consultant after graduating from Texas Tech University. In his time with Protiviti, Marc helped grow the financial services practice in the Dallas office, eventually leaving the company in 2014 as a Manager. From 2014 to 2016, Marc was the Vice President of Corporate Controls at Nationstar Mortgage. In 2016, Marc joined Exeter Finance Corp. where he is currently the Vice President of Internal Audit. Connect with Marc on LinkedIn.

Marc-Doyle-headshotWhat made you join Protiviti?

I went to school at Texas Tech and was actually a pre-med student for three years. I didn’t want to continue down that path, so I took a couple years off and went back to do business. I knew business was the logical route for me.

I joined Protiviti not really knowing what to expect and it was everything I wanted and more. Protiviti helped set me up with many key individuals that have helped me along my career.

In your 7 years with Protiviti, how did you see the company change or evolve?

I joined in 2007 and it was a really exciting time. I knew what internal audit was, but hadn’t done it in practice. One of my first projects was traveling for a sports equipment manufacturer. I was out in California and Illinois and really loved the team I was with. We were doing SOX readiness and the team was fantastic; the project was fantastic. It got me really excited about working with Protiviti in my first few months at the company.

Then 2008 happened. That’s when it got a little scary.

We were downsizing and a lot of my good friends (who I thought were even better employees than me) were getting let go. It scared me. So I took a fresh attitude from that point forward and really tried to make the most of my career at Protiviti.

What had the biggest impact on you while you were at Protiviti?

When I was a Sr. Consultant in 2010, I had a chance to move back to my hometown in Lubbock and work for my alma mater. It was a way to be closer to my family, so that made sense, but I wasn’t quite ready to leave Protiviti yet.Marc-Doyle2

Rene Hernandez and Clint McPherson help talk me through options and it became obviously clear that I was wanted at Protiviti. They didn’t sell me on staying. They told me to do what was best for my family, but they also laid out the facts that showed the career path was probably better at Protiviti.

Being the logical person I am, I decided to stay. It was a key decision that helped catapult my career into financial services. After I decided to stay, Rene started the financial services practice which I was able to help grow. I am still certain that if I had taken that job in Lubbock, I would be far less successful and more importantly, less knowledgeable.

How’d you see the financial services practice grow?

Our first financial services business process client, which was also my first project after deciding to stay at Protiviti, was a SOX readiness project for a mortgage servicing company. All of the employees from this company eventually dispersed to other companies, opening up our ability to get work at those companies. The employees that left essentially hired Protiviti once they were transitioned into their new jobs because they knew the level of quality work they would receive. It was an amazing thing to see.

So when I made the decision to leave in 2014, it was really difficult because I had helped to grow the financial services to about 20 people. We were doing really well, but the opportunity at Nationstar was too good to pass up. Leaving Protiviti was one of the hardest decisions, but it was a chance to see what industry was like.

What was it like transitioning into the consumer finance industry?

When I went to Nationstar Mortgage, it was not a difficult transition because they were already one of my clients. And my transition to Exeter was probably the best I could have hoped for because I already knew the CAO, my current boss. He brought me over and gave me free reign to build the team that I wanted.

What made the transition even easier was that I was able to bring in familiar faces to work for me. I hired a couple Protiviti alumni that I knew could perform at a very high level. It goes back to building relationships that Protiviti provided. I was able to meet people that I would have never been able to meet that have helped me be successful.

Marc-Doyle4Can you talk a little more about the mentorship you experienced at Protiviti?

Rene Hernandez and Clint McPherson were both unofficial mentors for me and they helped train and guide me to be successful. I also utilized the official mentorship program and I still keep up with many of those people. And to a large extent, Russ Collins (who’s the MD in Seattle now) also really helped shape my career. They listened to what I wanted to do and helped me to achieve that.

While I was at Protiviti, I went through a tough medical situation and Clint really went above and beyond in order to help me navigate the health insurance waters. The relationship that he fostered with me can only be described as familial, and not the typical colleague relationship. And same thing with Rene. I still keep in touch and we’re actually closer on a personal level than a work-level at this point, though it could extend to the work-level again!

What’s been your experience with building your own team so far?

Working at Protiviti is a blessing and a curse. It sounds weird, but you get to meet an incredibly smart group of people that work really hard. People in industry don’t always have the same sense of urgency because the deadlines can be more flexible and budgets less rigid.

So hiring at Exeter, I knew I needed people with a sense of urgency. It’s not the only people I trust, but it’s definitely an easier way to trust somebody from the onset. For my leadership team, I needed those skillsets that I knew my former Protiviti colleagues had. Now, my focus for my additional hires will be more diversity in experience so I can get outside perspectives as well.

What’s something unique about Exeter?Marc-Doyle3

What’s interesting about Exeter is that it’s got that familial feeling that Protiviti had. Working here has brought back good feelings of teamwork and working together to achieve a very tough goal. Even though we’ve gone through a lot of executive changes, the people aspect of Exeter is second to none. The leadership in place now are people with industry experience and knowledge that are here to help us grow to a new level.

It’s been a great place to work. One of our cornerstones is make money and have fun. They really want people to come to enjoy work.

Anything else to add?

I honestly would not be in the position I am in had I not worked at Protiviti for as long as I did. The people I met, the relationships I built, and the experiences I obtained while there set me up for success. That’s why I like doing things like this interview because I truly believe in the Protiviti team. I’ve worked with Protiviti people across the U.S., and every time, it is amazing to experience how well Protiviti does with hiring high potential candidates out of college and highly qualified, experienced candidates.

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