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Casey Charles joined Protiviti Houston as a Consultant in 2005. After leaving the firm in 2007, she worked in finance for several years, first at Pride International as a Treasury Analyst then at AIG as a Sr. Investment Analyst. Following a brief hiatus as a stay-at-home mom, Casey decided to make a career change to become a real estate agent in the Houston area. Connect with Casey on LinkedIn.

casey2On starting a career at Protiviti:

Protiviti was my first job after graduating from Texas A&M University and I mostly worked on one very large project for the entirety of my time there. The best part of the project was the travel. I went to Angola, Venezuela, India, Argentina, Mexico, among many other places. It was really a lot of fun.

On the atmosphere:

We had a really great team of intelligent peers and colleagues that would work hard together, but still have fun. I could go to an Astros game with 100 of my colleagues and the next day, we’d be hammering out invoice audits together. Everyone was relatable, so you felt like you were working with your friends. I still keep in touch with a lot of the people I worked with at Protiviti.

On skills learned at Protiviti:

The teamwork needed to get our jobs done sharpened my organizational skills, so that when I moved on from Protiviti – and in my work now – I knew not only how to take on work, but also how to delegate and work as a team. That’s not something you learn in college.

I also learned how to work with different kinds of people. When we were traveling internationally, some questions that we would ask our U.S. clients wouldn’t translate elsewhere. So it taught me to be sensitive to different cultures and ways of thinking. It also taught me to listen first. In my job now, I have clients from across the board and it’s important I listen to their needs. Everyone is different, so no one solution works for everyone.casey1

On the surprises of working in real estate:

There’s more to real estate than just price trends. Many people don’t realize that real estate contracts aren’t standardized. There are trends of what people are writing into contracts and not writing into contracts, so you have to stay on top it for your clients.

On the perks of being a realtor:

I get to use my very logical finance brain and get down and dirty with contracts, but I also still get to work with people. More than any other job I’ve had, it doesn’t feel like work.


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