“Learn Something from Everybody”: Megan’s 6 Career Takeaways from Protiviti and Comcast

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Megan DeFeo worked in technology risk consulting at Protiviti Philadelphia from 2002 to 2006. She then moved to Comcast where she started in IT audit and is now the Sr. Director of Business Services Product Deployment. Next to her family, her biggest passion is rowing. She rowed for the University of Delaware and still rows competitively for Swan Creek Rowing Club. Connect with Megan on LinkedIn.

Megan DeFeo

What did you learn at Protiviti that prepared you for your current role?

Project management. You have to understand the critical path to accomplish the objective and map out project plans and timelines.

Managing a team. Managing your team’s work and deliverables helps you build those coaching skills. You get that experience really quickly in the world of audit, and it is invaluable.

Communicating to leadership. The other key aspect – which is not to be underappreciated – is the ability to prepare and present to senior-level executives. The ability to summarize issues and risks is something that I use every day in my role. In audit, you are very accustomed to summarizing the issue and translating that into layman’s terms and getting alignment before presenting to executives. I have to make sure the executive team understands that as we approach a launch, they understand what the issues are and how we plan to mitigate those issues.

What have you learned during your time at Comcast?

The power of failure. Oh, I’ve learned a lot! You learn more from failing than you do when you succeed. What you take from your failures and how you change your process is sometimes more valuable than succeeding, when it comes to building trust and relationships.

Conversations are key. Also, I’ve learned to never underestimate the power of one-on-one conversations. If you’re encountering something that’s particularly challenging and you’re not sure if you’re thinking about it the right way, having a one-on-one conversation to get feedback can be very helpful.

If you met yourself fresh out of college, what big piece of advice would you give?

Keep learning. Learn something from everybody you come into contact with, whether it be technical knowledge, relationship building, or business savvy – I think you can learn something from everyone.

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